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  6. Grips.  Coming soon.

    Grips.  Coming soon.

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  7. Very short, very abridged shooter reel.  Longer reel coming soon.

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  8. A professional NYU student lives here…

    which is a reason you can hate NYC while you love it.

    View from the top of Chelsea (25th street).

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  9. Photomotion with T2i.  I was only there to shoot the main event, so I thought I would take some stills of a couple of bouts.  Kind of a spur of the moment thing, I wish I had captured an entire fight in photomotion.  This is pretty choppy… but kind of cool when set to Smack My Bitch Up!

    First bout is Nick Lavin (winner) vs. Bakari. Second is Armin “The Bosnian Prince” Mrkanovic (winner) vs. Sharieff Hayes.  More info here.

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  10. You gotta freakin’ love this place…

    St. Mark’s Church

     ESB view from the East Village

    Go-go stylings of Dr. Flux PhD. at Drive Thru Burlesque, Parkside Lounge

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